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So some creep broke into my room through the window right next to my bed in which I was sleeping in this morning. They stole my laptop, piggy bank, wallet, some clothes including underwear, and a purse…well things could have been much worse and I thank God it didn’t. Can’t believe I slept through all that. Well now my windows will always remain locked and I’ll probably be sleeping in jeans and a pullover for the next couple of days…it’s so hot tho…can’t fall asleep. It’s the first time I fear humans more than the supernatural. I should buy a portable ac…I’m so sad about my piggy bank…there were so many coins in that it took forever to get to that much…hope the justice system will prevail but that is just hopeless hopefulness. At least I get a new laptop…which laptop should I get?

Tomorrow I’m gonna go on a bike ride and search all the homeless peoples cars and tents and shit to look for my stuff.


Kim Sunghee for Low Classic Fall 2014 collection

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Is this a read? #Libertine #NYFW #invite ๐Ÿท๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ“š


โ€œTara Donovan: Untitled,โ€


YAECA collection No.008ย 2013ย S/S

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YAECA collection No.008ย 2013ย S/S

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