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i wish lloyd dobbler was real and 7 years older and my boyfriend. i feel so heartbroken!

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just added a bunch of my music to my spotify. took awhile trying to think of the music that i like to listen to.  most of the music i added is pre-2007. post-2007, i stopped listening to music. i think i need to update my taste.


colours done right


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Visvim AW14 Lookbook


Dries Van Noten’s nude dancer prints were done in collaboration with illustrator Richard Haines

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Yohji Yamamoto SS2008

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Nature vs. The Internet: How Google Protects Its Undersea Cables from Shark Attacks

Footage from a recent survey of Google’s undersea fiber-optic cables revealed that shark bites are a very real threat to global telecommunications. Indeed, a Google spokesperson noted that the company actually coats its cables in a Kevlar-like material to protect against sharks. Interestingly, sharks seem to have more of a taste for fiber-optic cables than the old-fashioned coaxial copper wires. A report from the United Nations Environment Programme and International Cable Protection Committee Ltd. speculates that sharks may be "encouraged by electromagnetic fields from a suspended cable strumming in currents." In other words, sharks, which can sense electromagnetic fields, may mistake the cables for live prey. The phenomenon highlights the ways in which technology and nature can intersect, and the strange new interconnections between the energy of the natural world and our man-made grids.