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U need a hearing aid
I hear good without one
Theres a good place on piedmont ave
Whats a piedmont ave? I dont care
U dont care
So should we go to piedmont for the heater?
I dont need a heater!

Will this lollipop turn my eyes blue or green?
Oh look at my nails
Look at my nails theyre perfectly cut
We should call someone over tonight to cut our toenails

U want a mearloaf from boston market tonight?
No i dont want meatloaf
Well what do u want?
I dont know what are u cooking tonight?
I dont know thats wht im asking you, its a mystery life is such a big mystery!!

I-i dont think- GET OVER HERE WILL YOU?!? I dont think i had a cookie for lunch. You only brought one with you??? Only one cookie?!?!?!


Sloth on a speedboat

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the amount of secondhand embarrassment generated by this video is fatal

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Comme des Garçons

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"Space and Light and Order" | Caroline Farneman photographed by Thomas Lohr for Husk Magazine Fall/Winter 2013

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Classic and clean

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In honor of the two conflicting holidays

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